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In this analysis we evaluate the www.oas.org website.

The Organizations of American States website uses the copy strategy. We can see that just looking at some links:


We can also notice that the urls are not localized, another common characteristic of the copy strategy. If you change the language you are redirected to the site index, what is not the best to be done since you will need to navigate all the way to the page where you were.

Most of the sections doesn't have metadata.

A problem that we've found is that doesn't matter the current language, any search you make you will be redirected to a page in english. There's also another typical problem: links that lead to content in the wrong language:


If you try to follow the link to the news "Nouvelles de l'OEA" you will be led to the news in english.

The website has also some dynamic content that uses a regular content management system and there we found problems that are out of the scope of our analysis.

Despite of the listed problems, the website provides lots of informative content in four languages. It could be restructured to be made available in more languages and also to become more easily manageable.


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