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Multilingual photo gallery

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A photo gallery is a cool feature that is present in many websites. Maybe because they say "an image is worth a thousand words", or maybe just because they add beauty to the website, a photo gallery can bring many visitors. But how to manage a photo gallery in a multilingual website?

Let's say we have a gallery with the New Seven Wonders of the World. Of course the images will be the same regardless of the visitor's language. However, we must show localized information for each language. Take a look at our New Seven Wonders of the World photo gallery.

That is aligned with what we said about a multilingual CMS:

"...each item to be published consists of two types of information. Part of the information is language independent (...) part is language specific."

But let's say that now we want to show a gallery with movie posters. We may have a localized image for the movie. Take a look at our movie posters photo gallery.

In this case we have a different image for each language. How to manage this?

The best way we figured out to solve this problem is to give the user both options. The interface we came up with is below:




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